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What can a tea kettle teach you about extraordinary results?

Dear Young Professional,

Getting intentional successful results in life is not about doing a lot of BIG things. I see many young professionals take on a lot of stress trying to have it all and fast. Getting impatient, wanting that next promotion or raise. Some people refer to that desire as “entitlement” by a younger generation who needs to learn to pay their dues.

I am not certain that “paying dues” is the world order of business anymore. If you are qualified, have a proven track record, what does tenure have to do with it?

I also think just because you want a raise or promotion doesn’t mean it should be granted based on desire or that you have been there the longest. I have desire for many things (weight loss, visit the 7 wonders, etc.) that won’t experience immediate gratification on my part.

Where do you start and how do you get there? Let’s start with…what are your goals? Whether its professional or personal, write it down. It might seem daunting, scary to obtain these goals, but relax. I am going to share with you what a tea kettle can teach your about extraordinary results.

As we think about our own goals and aspirations I am reminded of the concept of 212 o . See at 211 o water is hot, very hot but just hot. That hot water will make you a very pleasant cup of tea. What happens when water increases just one degree (to 212 o ) it creates steam. Steam that makes the tea kettle sing, steam that powers a locomotive engine.

You need to focus on small calibrations that will add up to your results. Now look at your goals. Where are you coasting? Or worse inconsistent? Relaxing with that cup of tea? Where can you give that extra push/effort to get over the finish line first?

Is this not making sense? Watch the 212 o video and see what I mean.

Now go challenge yourself to give that extra degree in your preparation, decision making, collaboration and team work to achieve (no exceed) your goals.

Fondly, Aunt Kris

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