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Tonga’s Super HOT Shirtless Flag Bearer

Dear Young Professional,

Like many who watched the Opening Ceremony, I was stunned when Tonga’s flag bearer Pita Taufatofua entered the stadium with his oiled chest and traditional costume. Wasn’t he freezing? While everyone comments on his lack of attire and six pack that looks air brushed to perfection, it was an interview on the NBC Today show days later that really caught my attention.

We have seen other island warm weather region athletes compete before in the Winter Olympics. In 1988 (okay probably before your time) the Jamaican Bobsled team took the games by storm. They were fully clothed.

Pita made it a goal to learn AND qualify for the 2018 games in 2016. He claims he only saw snow a year and half before training began.

With the clock ticking, he had little time to learn, practice and qualify to compete. He did it in less than a year!

In the interview the motivation was expressed as, Taufatofua said he wanted “to show people they can do something — there’s nothing special about me — but to show they can also do something similar.”

When one is motivated beyond themselves to achieve is when extraordinary results are achieved. There are several athletes bringing home bling from their personal determination drive and focus. When the goal is bigger than yourself it does help with:

  • The self-doubt movie playing in your head

  • Fear of failure stops one from taking the first action

  • Excuses as to WHY it can’t be done

    • Pita was not saying it was an impossible challenge to qualify in a year or listening to people who may have thought he was crazy

What’s that one idea or goal that’s been rolling around in your head? That one that just won’t leave you and yet you can’t seem to find a starting point?

What’s keeping you from attacking it? You don’t have to try to qualify for the Olympics in a year like Pita, however his achievement should serve as inspiration that anything can be accomplished if you put your mind to it? What external factors may there be that helps propel to success?

Have BELIEF and focus on these 5 things you can do:

  1.  Get clarity on your objective

  2. Share only with people who you know will celebrate your success and support you in failure

  3. Get a plan and focus on the manageable first step

  4. Expect setback, it’s part of the journey not a sign to stop, it a time to reflect, learn and reset

  5. Celebrate the victories along the way

Whatever you choose, whatever the outcome, the journey will make you stronger, smarter and gain experience. Who wouldn’t want that?

Fondly, Aunt Kris

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