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Facebook Friending Your Boss?

Dear Young Professional, To answer this question, you first need to assess how this could help or hurt your offline relationship with your boss. It’s a very personal decision and one that should not be made lightly. While my career started before the Internet existed and not everyone had access to, let alone own a computer,…

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The Insane Speed of Life

Dear Young Professional, Every once in awhile I grab a book I have read, randomly open the pages and reread a paragraph or two. It’s interesting how this habit has a way of sending me a message I need. Last week I opened The Good Life Project. This book was given to me from my…

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Why Your Degree WON’T Get You The JOB

Dear Young Professional, Maybe the University you attended is prestigious and makes you attractive as a candidate, or you attended community or a state system University either way the degree only gets the door to open, it’s what happens when you walk through that door that matters. Following are 4 tips to help you once…

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