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Do you believe in Karma?

Dear Young Professional, Does the #METOO Movement have you conflicted? WHAT are you saying Aunt Kris? Isn’t this movement overdue? I know what you must be thinking. Hear me out… Years ago, I am talking about the 80’s early 90’s maybe before you were born, my company had all employees take Harassment and Sexual Harassment…

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Are you living life backwards?

Dear Young Professional, Recently I was speaking with a friend who was telling me of young woman her daughter is friends with who shared excitement about being pregnant. I find this story funny. My friend’s response struck me funny, not the funny LOL, but funny in how she views the sequence of events. See this…

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From Columbine to Parkland, What’s Changed?

Dear Young Professional, I want to take a moment this week to reflect on current events. I was travelling for business in Colorado on April 20, 1999 the day of the Columbine shooting. Some of you weren’t even born yet. Since then there has been 25 fatal mass school shootings as reported by Shep Smith…

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