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Tonga’s Super HOT Shirtless Flag Bearer

Dear Young Professional, Like many who watched the Opening Ceremony, I was stunned when Tonga’s flag bearer Pita Taufatofua entered the stadium with his oiled chest and traditional costume. Wasn’t he freezing? While everyone comments on his lack of attire and six pack that looks air brushed to perfection, it was an interview on the…

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Attitude Is A Choice – The Three Perspectives

Dear Young Professional, Recently I was coaching a young mentee who was really frustrated due to an action by a co-worker. The worst part? He didn’t even know who made the offense. There was no place to direct the frustration and anger. What was the offense? It may seem small, yet this story illustrates a…

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What All Millennials NEED But Can’t Get Quickly

Dear Young Professional, One of the things I like best about you is your belief in that you can accomplish BIG things. There is one thing that you are missing that can help you fast track your way to success. It’s EXPERIENCE. Experience is how you build tacit knowledge, and with only 24 hours in…

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