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A Children’s Book Must Read For Trump

Dear Young Professional, Okay, before you think this is a political blog rant, STOP it’s not. I am only going to draw parallels from current events as they are shared experiences. Shared experiences are a great way to illustrate a concept. While I do have opinions on our current political landscape, that conversation is better…

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The Common Denominator

Dear Young Professional, People often get inquisitive when I boldly state my admiration for young professionals a.k.a. millennials. Mainly because they can sense through my tone that it is genuine passion and not what they expect… sarcasm. I strongly believe that this generation has an inherent cause and fairness factor which demands transparency. Sometimes misguided…

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Do You Confuse Assertiveness with Aggressiveness?

Dear Young Professional, I find a lot of people get confused with the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness. This confusion is one reason people avoid conflict. They don’t want to be appear “aggressive”, I mean who would risk that if you care about relationships right? However, the inability to effectively and timely address conflict can…

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