Calling All 

Which Ingredient Are You Missing?

When Kristin Williams found herself facing the challenges every young professional confronts in a new and uncertain industry, she needed more than a degree in Business Management to get by and get ahead. She needed solid advice from someone she could trust. In her toughest moments, she leaned on the lifetime of wisdom her mother had served up alongside delicious meals. Succeeding beyond everyone's expectations in sales and management, Kristin quickly became "Aunt Kris" to other young professionals who wanted to succeed but were missing some of the secret ingredients Kristin's mom had poured into her.
Aunt Kris, Can You Help Me?  invites you into these conversations, where you can acquire missing ingredients and cook up your own success.


You'll Learn How To:

  1. Develop Your Personal Brand + Get Noticed

  2. Overcome Self-Doubt + Get Unstuck

  3. Stand Out as a Leader + Move Up the Ladder

  4. Don't just get by.

  5. Get the ingredients you need to whip up and savor intentional success.

Don't just get by. Get the ingredients you need to whip up and savor intentional success.